The premises of THERMI LINK host several events and workshops that can be organized eitherby staff members of THERMI group of companies and members of THERMI LINK, or by individuals and companies.

Events / Workshops

The events / workshops hosted at THERMI LINK can be informative or educational, open or closed, free or with a fee. Conducted by appropriately chosen scientific advisors and relating to issues including entrepreneurship, innovation and new technologies. In addition,THERMI LINK conducts at regular intervals, specialized workshops, which provide education to young entrepreneurs and scientists. Indicative topics are the following:calendar

  • Commercialization of ideas / research results.
  • Writing and presenting business plans.
  • Financial Analysis – Valuation of Companies.
  • Access to investors

The events / workshops are advertised through the website of THERMI Group of Companies (“News” sector), the accounts of THERMI LINK in Facebook and Twitter, as well as press releases which are sent to chambers of commerce, regional associations, entrepreneurship centers, technology parks and technology institutions – universities.

For more information regarding events and the use of our facilities to organize your own events / workshops, please contact us.