What is it?

THERMI LINK is the new way to host, empower and promote fresh and innovative ideas. Membership includes access to coworking space, networking opportunities with top professionals, participation in events and workshops and access to
business advice and venture capital.

What is it?

-The lean startup method is not aboutA vast number of new and innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs or researchers from leading Greek universities fail to comm
ercialize and transform into innovative products or services, as they often do not know how to do it, they lack the necessary partners, do not target the appropriate customers or have no access to finance. Knowing this and having already had experience from the operation of the Business Incubator, and the management of the THERMI TANEO VENTURE CAPITAL FUND, THERMI S.A. launched in 2011 THERMI LINK.

THERMI LINK operates as a pre-incubator and co-working space. It offers a complete solution for young (and not so young) people who wish to turn their business ideas or the results of their research into innovative companies.

THERMI S.A. invites all who understand the benefits and synergies that can arise from mixing in the same space with other talented people to join THERMI LINK. In this way, you can work independently as before on the implementation of ideas and projects, but in parallel if you wish,  share your ideas with other members, attend seminars, workshops and networking events organized by THERMI LINK or its members, with a view to accelerate the process of exploitation of innovative ideas.

Benefits for Members

Members of THERMI LINK, receive guidance during the process of commercialization of ideas or the application of research results, i.e. during the critical period of converting ideas – research results into innovative products or services. In this way, entrepreneurs save their precious and scarce resources by focusing on the correct way to approach customers, partners and capital.