Thermi Renewables S.A.

THERMI RENEWABLES S.A. is interested to acquire solar parks licenses, and also to partner with companies that will construct and exploit photovoltaic parks in Greece.

THERMI RENEWABLES S.A. wishes to partner with holders of instalation licences for the establishment of photovolaic parks and provides equity, obtains the necessary bank loan and constructs the project.

What do we offer?

  • Funding in the form of equity in the company that has filed the license.
  • Construction of the project by selected manufacturers with high quality standards and low costs due to the large volume of projects, without any payment required from the licence holder.
  • Securing bank financing on favorable terms.
  • Opportunity for the licence holder to sale his equity in the project in 3 to 5 years time at the same terms as us, at a high price due to the large volume of projects.

Benefits for the partner

  • Partnership with a large and serious partner.
  • Zero cost to construct the project.
  • Stable cash flows throughout the course of the 20-year contract with the H.T.S.O.
  • Ability to sell in 3-5 years at a very profitable price.

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